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Countdown to SUMMER!!!

15 May

So we are in the last few days before summer!!

 My daughter is excited and keeps

asking how many more days of school?

So we did this project to help her see how many days were left.

Since she is wanting to know how many total days

we included the weekends as well.

That’s right we only have 12 more days until school is out!!


Colored paper


glue stick


Cut out a large circle for the sun

cut out enough chain strips for the number of days you have left

we cut ours 2″x9″

and then some small strips for the rays of the sun

we cut ours 1″ x 4  1/2″

If you want draw a face on the sun

Next using your glue stick glue the sun rays on the back of the sun

Make sure you leave a space at the bottom for your first chain

Sun with it’s rays

Connect your first chain to the back of the sun

Continue adding chains until you have all of your chain strips added

We started using the glue stick and

found that tape held the chains together better.

My daughter with her finished Summer Chain!!

Mother’s Day Purse Card

8 May

My daughter and I LOVE purses!!!  So I thought it would be cute to make a purse card for Mother’s day.  It really could be for any day but Mother’s day is right around the corner so this is a perfect craft for today!! Super simple and can be decorated any way!!


Cardstock either printed or blank to print the purse template: Purse

Crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint what ever you want to use


if you want to get really fancy gems, sequins or anything else that you think will add some bling

Glue —  if you are using the fancy stuff

Step 1: Print out the template.  If you are using the printed paper and want this to be your outside

make sure you print the template on the wrong side of the paper

Step 2: Cut out the outline of the purse

Flip the purse to the other side

Step 3: If you are using blank paper

Color a design for your purse on the paper

Step 4: Turn your purse to other side and cut out handle  part.

Only cut on the line do not cut all the way off

Step 5: turn purse over and fold bottom half  up to handle part

Fold section under handle down

Step 6: Color the handle and add button on flap

Open the purse and write a message  to your Mom

If you want to add extra bling now is the time.


Mother’s Day Flower Kids Project

1 May

Mother’s day is just around the corner!!  Here is a cute and easy craft project that you can make for your Mom! What Mom doesn’t like flowers, especially ones that are made with your hands!!!  You could even add a picture of yourself to the center of the flower!

Finished Flower

Gather all of your materials:

5 sheets of colored paper or enough to make  10 hands

4″ circle cut from scrapes from the colored paper for hands

1 sheet of green paper

Paint stick ( I went to my local Walmart and they gave me one FREE)



Pen to trace handprint

First Trace your hand 10 times on different colored paper.

 We used 5 different colors,

and drew two hands on each

Next, Cut out all the hands and round the bottom edge

Lay your paint stick on the green paper and figure out how thick you want your stem

I made mine 2″ wide

Also draw one or two leave shapes out of the green paper

Line the ridged part of  the paint stick with the top of your paper

You should have extra paint stick hanging off the edge on top

and then some that is not covered by the paint stick on the bottom

Draw a line on the stem where the end of the paint stick is

Cut off this section.

Glue the paint stick to the Green stem

Turn stem over to the green side.

Cut a 4″ Circle out of one of the colors that you used for the hands

Glue to the top of the paint stick( The part that is hanging off of the top edge)

Starting on the upper left hand edge of the circle

Place a small amount of glue on the front side of the circle

Lay your first hand down.

Continue all the way around the circle until you have all the hands glued down

Space as needed.

Glue the leaves to the stem.

If you want to add a picture add it to the center of the flower.

Finished Flower

Easter Egg Necklace

3 Apr

Here is a great quick project that you can do all by yourself!!

Printable directions  Easter Egg Necklace

Supplies: Cardstock to print eggs on

36” piece of yarn  or smaller to fit you

2 drinking straws

Markers, colored pencils or crayons

Tape if needed.



Print out eggs here:  Eggs   and color


All your eggs colored

Using a hole punch punch a hole in the top of the Easter egg


Cut your 2 straws into 12 pieces.  Each straw into 6 pieces.  About every inch


This is all your supplies ready to go

Starting with a straw thread onto the yarn, then add an egg

This is how it should look.

Continue in this pattern until all the eggs and straws are added

If the end on the yarn begins to fray and it is hard to add the straws

Take a piece of tape and wrap around the end of the yarn


Your finished necklace!!

Bunny Face Pin

27 Mar

Here is an adorable bunny pin that you can make with just a little help from your parents.

Your parents may even have everything at home to make this project!!

Printable directions Bunny Pin


Print Pattern here:  Bunny Pin Pattern

 white and Pink Felt square

Hot Glue (with Parents Help) and Fabric Glue like   Tacky Glue

12 mm or smaller goggly eyes

Pin back or safety pin


¼” wide ribbon 10” long

1.  Print pattern and cut out pieces


2 Cut out pieces as described on pattern


3. Using either tacky glue or glue gun (with Parents Help) Place a small amount of glue on the back of the pink heart

4. Center on the big white heart and press together


5.  Apply a small amount of glue to the lower edge of ear piece


6.  Turn Heart pieces over and glue ear to the heart as shown

7. Repeat with other ear


8. Turn heart to front side and glue on eyes as shown

9. Draw on mouth

 If you would like this to be a girl bunny

10. Take the piece of ribbon and tie into a bow


11. Add to the front of the heart and glue in place

Next, if using a pin back. Have parent glue with a hot glue gun,  flat side of pin back to back of heart.

This is what a pin back looks like

If you don’t have a pin back a safety pin will work as well

Get the last piece of white felt and have a parent use a hot glue gun and glue on the very bottom and top edge

Turn heart to the back and place the stip like this

Press into place

Next slid the pin in between the opening

Here is your finished pin