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How to refill a Swiffer Wetjet cleaner bottle

16 Aug

As I stated yesterday here is the tutorial on how to refill the Swiffer Wetjet Bottle that holds the cleaner.  If you missed my tutorial for the Wetjet replacement pad click here    So easy and I never have to worry about how much cleaner the kids use  anymore!!  In just a few steps you will easily be able to use your own cleaner to fill the bottle.

Lets get started

Here is what you need

Pot of water

Swiffer Bottle

nail clipper

Start by boiling a small pot of water.

Place the cap in the water for about a minute.

Using a towel or potholder you will now be able to twist of the top.

If you can not twist the cap off, place in the boiling water again.

The reason for this is heat softens the plastic and you will be able to twist of the top

Here is the bottle with the lid off

This is the lid.  It has little knobs that “lock” the lid on the bottle

You want to cut this knobs off with the nail clippers so that you can easily take the lid off in the future

Clipping the knobs

Knobs all clipped off

Now fill the bottle with your cleaner and screw lid back on.

You will now be able to take the lid off easily

Swiffer Wetjet Replacement pad DIY Tutorial

15 Aug

Hello!  So sorry that I have been absent so long!!  It has been a really crazy summer…… Between kids being home all summer,vacations,illness,  and everything in between I have not had a moment to my self   let alone time to blog and create new projects for you.

You might have come across this project already, but  I HAD to share it with you,  As this is a new one to me.  I can’t believe I never thought of this simple idea before.  A Replacement washable Swiffer Wetjet pad!!  I hate the high cost of  the replacement pad.  My kids always want to “help” Mop the floor and I always cringe at the thought of that “help”  They use more liquid and pads that you can ever imagine.  Now I won’t mind if they “help”.  My new favorite LOVE is PINTEREST!!! I’m So addicted!!!  Anyway I saw this idea and wanted to make it with out any cost.  I saw several ideas and came up with this version

check out this post as well !!  How to refill the cleaner bottle

Here is what you will need:

Old hand towel measuring 14″ x21″

Soft side of velcro 42″ in length you will not use the scratchy side

Sewing machine, thread, and measuring tape

Lets get started.

1.   Fold the towel in half so it measures 10.5″ across

 2.  Cut along the folded edge

You will have two pieces, this will make two pads

The directions are for one pad.  You can either complete each pad individually or do both pads at the same time. Just do each step on  both of the two pieces

3.  Fold bottom edge up 4.5″

4.  Fold Top edge down to meet bottom   edge

 5.  Sew around all edges with a zig zag stitch.  You may want to use a jeans needle as this is thick on the edge that already has the finished edge.   You could do a straight stitch on the three finished edges and a zig zag on the unfinished edge.  This is to prevent the edge from unraveling after many washes.

6. next cut your soft side of velcro to the length of the pad.  It should be 10.5″.  You will need two strips per pad.  So   you should cut four 10.5 pieces.

 7.  Measure down 1″ from the top long side.  This is were you are going to place your velcro and pin.

 8.  Measure up from bottom long edge 1″.  Place and pin your soft side of velcro .

9.  Sew using a zig zag stitch all around the velcro.  Making sure that the middle of the  pressure foot is on the edge of the  velcro.  This way you will get a good secure stitch.

 You have completed one pad!!!  I know that was so easy and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!!  If you just did one pad at a time go back and run through these steps again and you will have two pads!! This is SO much cheaper than the expensive replacement pads.

Remember check back tomorrow to see how to refill the bottle.

Another really good Trick!!

Fabric Checkbook Tutorial

16 May

As I promised here is the checkbook cover

to match the wallet from last weeks post

If you missed the wallet tutorial here it is:

Wallet Tutorial

If you would like a premade checkbook cover or wallet

check out my items in my shop  Here

If you would like a different color let me know

I love making custom creations


1/4 yard of fabric

1/2 yard of 20″ fusible interfacing

thread, sewing machine, and iron

Pattern Checkbook cover

Let’s get started:

Print out the pattern and lay pieces on top of fabric

Pin or draw around pattern

cut out

repeat with interfacing,  cut out

Fuse interfacing to pieces

following instructions on interfacing

If want to embroider something on the front

now is the time to do it on piece #1

on wrong side fold 1/4″ on top of piece #2 and bottom of

2nd Piece # 2.  Press with iron

Stitch close to edge on both pieces

Place pieces #2 on top of piece #1 so both right sides are

facing up and folded edges of Pieces #2 are toward the center

Stitch Pieces #2 to #1 with 1/4″ stitch

Place second Piece #1 on top of the completed #1 & #2 pieces

right sides together

Stitch 1/2″ around leaving a hole to turn

Turn right side out through the hole.

Press flat

Hand Stitch opening closed

Countdown to SUMMER!!!

15 May

So we are in the last few days before summer!!

 My daughter is excited and keeps

asking how many more days of school?

So we did this project to help her see how many days were left.

Since she is wanting to know how many total days

we included the weekends as well.

That’s right we only have 12 more days until school is out!!


Colored paper


glue stick


Cut out a large circle for the sun

cut out enough chain strips for the number of days you have left

we cut ours 2″x9″

and then some small strips for the rays of the sun

we cut ours 1″ x 4  1/2″

If you want draw a face on the sun

Next using your glue stick glue the sun rays on the back of the sun

Make sure you leave a space at the bottom for your first chain

Sun with it’s rays

Connect your first chain to the back of the sun

Continue adding chains until you have all of your chain strips added

We started using the glue stick and

found that tape held the chains together better.

My daughter with her finished Summer Chain!!

Trifold Women’s Wallet

9 May

As I  mentioned in yesterdays post my daughter and  I Love purses!!

So here is the first in several posts of purses and purse related items.

This wallet has a spot for everything!!

You could easily just grab this wallet and run to town.

Here is how to make the matching checkbook cover

Checkbook cover

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to make these,

you can find some premade wallets and checkbook covers on my site at:

Premade Wallets and checkbook covers

Wallet Project


Printed pattern  Wallet

 ¼ yard fabric

½” yard 20” wide Fusible interfacing


Elastic cording or something to make loop

Thread, sewing machine, iron

Lets get started:

First print out pattern

Lay pattern pieces on fabric and either pin or draw around. Cut 2 of pieces 2,3,4 (piece one will be cut out from extra piece 2)  Cut out.

Separate piece 2 into two sections

Use extra piece 2 to cut out piece 1

This saves on fabric

Also cut out a piece of fabric 2 ½” x 1”

This is for the pen holder

Cut out interfacing :  cut 2 of piece 3 and 1 of each piece 1,2,4

Fuse to the back of the pieces

On the back of pieces #1 , #2 & one of #3 fold top edge ¼” down. Press

On back of second piece #3 fold top and bottom edge ¼”. Press

Stitch close to the edge on all pieces that are folded

Stach pieces 1,2,&3 on top of each other right sides up

Having bottom raw edges even

Stitch ¼” on bottom three sides.

Draw lines on all three pieces that match pattern

Stitch through all layers on stitchig line

Place finished pieces 1,2,3 on top of one piece 4 right sides up

Having all bottom edges even

Stitch ¼” around the three edges

Fold pen holder in half long ways right sides together

Stitch ¼” from edge

Turn right side out and press

Place second piece of #3 on placement line on piece #4

Place pen holder on bottom edge of piece #3

Sew through three unfinished edges of piece #3   ¼” from edge.

Place a 4” loop of elastic cord in center of the top edge of piece #4

Place second piece #4 on top of stack with right sides together.

Sew ¼” from edge all the way around,

Leaving a hole to turn right side out.

Turn right side out and hand stitch the the opening closed

Attach a button to the front side of the wallet

Closed View

  Open View

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Mother’s Day Purse Card

8 May

My daughter and I LOVE purses!!!  So I thought it would be cute to make a purse card for Mother’s day.  It really could be for any day but Mother’s day is right around the corner so this is a perfect craft for today!! Super simple and can be decorated any way!!


Cardstock either printed or blank to print the purse template: Purse

Crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint what ever you want to use


if you want to get really fancy gems, sequins or anything else that you think will add some bling

Glue —  if you are using the fancy stuff

Step 1: Print out the template.  If you are using the printed paper and want this to be your outside

make sure you print the template on the wrong side of the paper

Step 2: Cut out the outline of the purse

Flip the purse to the other side

Step 3: If you are using blank paper

Color a design for your purse on the paper

Step 4: Turn your purse to other side and cut out handle  part.

Only cut on the line do not cut all the way off

Step 5: turn purse over and fold bottom half  up to handle part

Fold section under handle down

Step 6: Color the handle and add button on flap

Open the purse and write a message  to your Mom

If you want to add extra bling now is the time.


Wednesday’s Wonderful Project~~ Greatest Mom Shirt

2 May

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!!  What Mother wouldn’t love a personalized shirt with her little helpers on it?

Grandma would just love one as well.

This really isn’t so much of a project as a tutorial of how to lay out this design.

You can find the World’s Best Mom design on my website at:  Worlds Best Mom

The  World’s Best Grandma is found here:  Worlds Best Grandma

Mom Version

Grandma Version

Here is how you lay out this design

Place large peace of stabilizer on the back of the shirt

I love the hydro stick!!!

Hoop the top of your shirt this is where the world’s Best saying will go

Make sure you rotate your design so that the saying is facing the right direction

Stitch World’s Best Mom

Unhoop and hoop to next area

Move the hand to the position that you want it to be

Stitch Hand.  Repeat with additional hands

Unhoop and move the hoop to the last position

Stitch Hands Down

Finished shirt

Mother’s Day Flower Kids Project

1 May

Mother’s day is just around the corner!!  Here is a cute and easy craft project that you can make for your Mom! What Mom doesn’t like flowers, especially ones that are made with your hands!!!  You could even add a picture of yourself to the center of the flower!

Finished Flower

Gather all of your materials:

5 sheets of colored paper or enough to make  10 hands

4″ circle cut from scrapes from the colored paper for hands

1 sheet of green paper

Paint stick ( I went to my local Walmart and they gave me one FREE)



Pen to trace handprint

First Trace your hand 10 times on different colored paper.

 We used 5 different colors,

and drew two hands on each

Next, Cut out all the hands and round the bottom edge

Lay your paint stick on the green paper and figure out how thick you want your stem

I made mine 2″ wide

Also draw one or two leave shapes out of the green paper

Line the ridged part of  the paint stick with the top of your paper

You should have extra paint stick hanging off the edge on top

and then some that is not covered by the paint stick on the bottom

Draw a line on the stem where the end of the paint stick is

Cut off this section.

Glue the paint stick to the Green stem

Turn stem over to the green side.

Cut a 4″ Circle out of one of the colors that you used for the hands

Glue to the top of the paint stick( The part that is hanging off of the top edge)

Starting on the upper left hand edge of the circle

Place a small amount of glue on the front side of the circle

Lay your first hand down.

Continue all the way around the circle until you have all the hands glued down

Space as needed.

Glue the leaves to the stem.

If you want to add a picture add it to the center of the flower.

Finished Flower

American Girl Doll Shirt Tutorial and Free Applique Design

11 Apr

I have a daughter who LOVES here American Girl dolls and everything related to them!!!

So I just had to make her some matching shirts and outfits for her and her dolls.

Here is the first pattern with more to come……


Printable version of this tutorial: American Girl Shirt


Printed pattern Pieces:  American Girl Shirt Pattern

An old T-shirt or baby snap close shirt

Sew in Velcro 5.5”

Sewing machine and thread


Free Applique Design: American Girl

 This download has all formats that I have available PES, SEW, EXP, JEF, XXX,DST, HUS

Sizes are Doll size, 4×4 and 5×7


I had a baby snap close shirt that I used.

  This one was a 3-6 month shirt.


I first cut off the top section that I couldn’t use.

Next cut the side seams so I had two separate pieces to use.


I folded one section in half and placed my shirt front pattern piece on edge of the fold.

Pinned and cut this piece out.

For the Shirt back I used the second shirt piece and also folded this in half.  I did not place this one on the fold though as we need two of these pieces.

Here are the cut out pieces

Lay the shirt front with right side facing up and place shirt back right side down.  Pin in place on the shoulder seams.

Place on sewing machine and stitch 1/4” from edge.

Open seams and press flat.

Fold under the arm hole and neck area 1/4”  and press

Stitch close to the edge on arm hole and neck area.

View of stitched areas

With right sides together pin bottom edge of arm holes and side seam.


Stitch ¼” from edge on side seams.

On wrong side of shirt fold up ¼” from bottom edge. Press

Stitch close to the edge on bottom hem


Cut velcro 5.5”

Cut the strip in half.

(this makes the vercro not so bulky)

Looking at the back of the shirt

Fold over toward inside ¼” on left side of shirt


Pin soft side of velcro to left side of shirt inside.


Close up of left side of shirt


Fold Right side of shirt ¼” toward inside Press

Place scratchy side of velcro on the top side of the shirt. (not on top of the fold you just made.  Right side of shirt)

Pin in place

View of both pinned sides

Sew around Velcro on both left and right sides.  Repeat with other side of shirt

Add your appliqué, or other design idea!!

American Girl Doll Sandals Tutorial

10 Apr


Printable version: American Doll Sandals


Sticky back Foam sheet

At least an 8.5 x 5.5 sheet size

Ribbon  6” long, cut in half

Pattern American Girl Doll Shoe Pattern




Cut out pattern and trace on the wrong side of the foam

Pieces cut out

Take left sandal and peel the backing off


Take one of the ribbon pieces and stick the ends of the ribbon onto

The sticky back part of the sandal


This is what the front should look like.

You can test now to make sure the shoe fits your doll

Slide shoe on and adjust the ribbon if necessary


Take the backing off of the other left shoe

and stick to the back of the shoe piece with ribbon attached

Making a sandwich.

Your shoe is complete.  Repeat steps for right shoe.


Doll with shoes

If you like the shirt check out this link to make the shirt!!

Doll Shirt Tutorial