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Wednesday’s Wonderful Project~~ Greatest Mom Shirt

2 May

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!!  What Mother wouldn’t love a personalized shirt with her little helpers on it?

Grandma would just love one as well.

This really isn’t so much of a project as a tutorial of how to lay out this design.

You can find the World’s Best Mom design on my website at:  Worlds Best Mom

The  World’s Best Grandma is found here:  Worlds Best Grandma

Mom Version

Grandma Version

Here is how you lay out this design

Place large peace of stabilizer on the back of the shirt

I love the hydro stick!!!

Hoop the top of your shirt this is where the world’s Best saying will go

Make sure you rotate your design so that the saying is facing the right direction

Stitch World’s Best Mom

Unhoop and hoop to next area

Move the hand to the position that you want it to be

Stitch Hand.  Repeat with additional hands

Unhoop and move the hoop to the last position

Stitch Hands Down

Finished shirt

Ribbon Applique Tutorial

4 Apr

Ribbon Appliqué Tutorial

Printable Version: Ribbon Applique Tutorial


Something to attach ribbon to: stabilizer or fabric

I always do a piece at least 1” more on all sides then my appliqué area

Fabric Adhesive ( I use 505 Spray and Fix)


Sewing machine and thread


Spray the fabric adhesive to your stabelizer or fabric

Lay your ribbon on top of the stabelizer and press in

Continue until you have the intire area filled in with ribbon.

Stitch with a zig zag stitch inbetween all of the ribbon.

This makes sure your ribbon will stay in place

Stitched ribbon


Place your item to be appliqued in the hoop and run the first placement stitch.


Lay your piece of ribbon section on top of the placement line just like you would any applique fabric


Stitch Tack down stitch

Cut out

Add the satin stitch and you are done!!

French Seam Tutorial

20 Mar

French Seam


This tutorial is all about seams….  I love sewing but always  hate the way my seams have raw edges.  I have a serger, but really don’t like it and using pinking  scissors just leaves a mess.  I was so excited when I was introduced to French Seams!!

This tutorial uses a Dress front and band attached to bottom

  1.  Lay dress WRONG side up, place band WRONG side down. So band and dress are WRONG sides together. Stitch ¼” from edge.

Stitching ¼” from edge

2.  Open seam out and fold over so RIGHT SIDES are Together. Press Lower edge. Stitch 3/8” from edge.

3. Open Seam and press.


Finished Pressed Seam

Craft Tip of the Day~~~ Appliqueing on T-shirts

19 Mar

I don’t know about you but I had such a hard time embroidering on T-shirts when I first started!!!  I couldn’t tell you how many shirts I ruined!!!  The shirt always pulled or stretched.  Something always happened!!  I was about to give up on making shirts for my kids.  I just couldn’t figure out how all those people on ETSY and EBAY made all those cute shirts.

I finally got smart and went to my local sewing store and asked what I was doing wrong.  It of course was my stabilizer!!  The kind women introduced me to  Hydro- Stick Tear away stabilizer.  Oh my goodness what a WONDERFUL product!!!!  So easy to use and now all my shirts turn out perfect!!


In case you  have not used it, here is a quick tutorial on how to use this great product.

Turn your T-shirt inside out

Cut off a section big enough for your project.  This is going to be your stabilizer for your t shirt.  You will not need anything else ( unless you need a topping over your project , but that will be another post for another day)

Get a wash cloth wet and dampen the shinny side of the stabilizer.  It will become sticky.

Put the wet side down on the back of the T-shirt and press firmly to stick the stabilizer to the T-shirt

Turn Right side out and hoop as normal

Since the Stabilizer is sticky it holds the shirt tightly in place.  It will not move at all!!

When you have completed the design just pull off all the extra stabilizer from the back.

Now you will have  a perfectly stitched T-shirt!!

Applique Tutorial

16 Mar

Appliqué Tutorial Machine Embroidery Designs

Are you afraid to try appliqués?  I know I was TERRIFIED to try it.  I thought there was no way that I could do that.  I had no problem with the solid embroidery designs but appliqué way to scary!!  Don’t be afraid….  It really is easy and a lot of fun!!  Your options are endless because you can use any fabric that you choose!!

Here is a step by step guide on how to do appliqués.  This system works with the way I create designs.

PDF printable version  Applique Tutorial 1

To Download all formats of the Cross Design       Cross

1. Load the design on your Machine

The first step is loading the appliqué onto your machine.  Please begin with a simple design and work up from there.

2.  Hoop the finished material

Next you need to hoop the garment your design will be on.  Make sure you stabilize as you would any kind of embroidery. Place hoop on machine.

3 The Appliqué’s Outline

The outline stitch is the first stitch.  You can use any color thread, it will be covered up with the next step.  I usually use the same color that I’m going to have the satin stitch be.  This works especially well if you are using white fabric and white satin stitches.


4 Applying Heat N Bond Lite

Next cut a piece of Heat N Bond Lite to the size of the fabric that you are going to use for your appliqué.  Place Shinny side of Heat N Bond Lite right side up.  Place appliqué fabric wrong side down on top of  heat n bond.

Using an iron on low setting iron the appliqué fabric to the Heat N Bond.  Make sure that you don’t iron over any Heat N Bond, it will make your iron sticky.  Turn fabric over and pull off the paper backing from the Heat N Bond.  Through away paper.


5 Applique Fabric

Place your appliqué fabric with Heat N Bond over the outline stitches.  You need to hold the fabric in place. DO NOT try to unhoop the design to add the appliqué fabric.  Just lay it on top.

6 Tack Down Fabric Stitch

This will run another outline stitch over the first.  This holds the fabric in place.


7 Cut Away The  Material

Next you want to take the hoop of off the machine, but DO NOT UNHOOP the fabric.  Carefully cut next to the stitching to cut away the extra material. Cut close enough but try not to cut the outline stitches.

8.  Setting Heat N Bond

Next use your iron and iron over the cut out appliqué


9 Final Satin  Stitch

Place your hoop back on the machine and start your machine again. This creates the satin stitch around your design.

10. Press again

Press your design with your iron one more time to make sure all the Heat N Bond has been activated.

More detailed designs are done with these same directions just done more than once

Now wasn’t that easy!!  Remember start off slow and go from there! Try this design for free and see if you like it.