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No Sew Basket Cover out of an ice cream bucket

28 Mar

I wanted to make an no sew Easter basket to share with you today, but as I was working on this project I realized there are endless possibilities with this.

I used a Easter bucket that I found at Walmart.  However, Many of you may buy ice cream in the gallon buckets.

 Instead of tossing the bucket in the garbage or recycling why not use that to make everyday baskets?

Printable version No Sew Bucket Cover


Easter Basket found at Walmart for .97 OR

You could use an ice cream bucket

¼ yard of Fabric

7/8” ribbon  Measure around your bucket plus 1”

Lace same length as ribbon (optional)

Glue Gun and glue sticks

Fray Check

This is the Bucket I found at Walmart for .97 although you could use an ice cream bucket.

To get your fabric measurements:


Measure from top to bottom of the bucket and add ½”

Next measure across the top edge of the bucket and add 1”

Cut your fabric out acording to your dimensions Mine where 6.5” x 27”

Turn your fabric wrong side up and fold ½” up from bottom edge and Press

Right edge of fabric fold ½” over and press


Repeat with left side.  Fold over ½” and press


Place hot glue on the right side of one of the handle holders.

With right side up lay fabric over the glue making sure upper unfinished edge is lined up with top edge.

Press into place


Continue around the top edge of bucket gluing and pressing fabric into place.


Next glue bottom edge of bucket. Pulling fabric and laying as flat as possible.

Continue around entire bucket.

Glue entire folded end edge and press onto bucket.


Taking sharp sissors. Snip the opening where the handle goes.

Snipped opening


Using Fray Check apply the liquid to the edges to stop any fraying of fabric.


If adding lace.  Place lace and ribbon on top edge of bucket.

This is to get a placement line for the lace.

You want to make sure that the ribbon with cover the lace.

Glue the lace in place all the way around the bucket.

Over lap the edges and glue down.


Add the ribbon and glue in place.

Make sure you over lap the ribbon ends and glue in place.

Snip the ribbon at the handle holes.  Also snip the lace.

Apply Fray Check to both the ribbon and lace.

Attach the handle

Finished Bucket.

Baby Shower Clothes Line Gift Idea

20 Mar

Do you like to give different and unique gifts?  Well here is the perfect baby shower gift idea for you.  I had a baby shower to go to and wanted to make something different than normal.  I wanted to give baby detergent and some personalized baby items.  So how to incorporate all of it?   A clothes line…..

Here is what I did.

 (Sorry for the lack of  pictures on this one)

I attached some socks, an outfit, wash clothes, a personalized burp cloth,

baby bib and some blank burp clothes to either use or have personalized later on.

I attached all with clothes pins to a piece of rope.

Then I found a small laundry basket  and tucked this clothes line in with a small pack of diapers and the wipes case cover that I made to match the burp cloth and bib.  Link to the Case cover tutorial.

I also added some baby detergent on the side.  Very cute and really reasonably priced gift!!

Fabric Covered Wipe Case

20 Mar



Here is a very quick and easy no sew project.

Printable pattern:  Wipe Case Cover

First print out your pattern pieces   Wipe Case Patterns

Next Cut out 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of batting

If you are going to add a appliqué to the case do it now.

Use the cross on the pattern piece as your center point

Gather the rest of your supplies.

You will need a glue gun and glue sticks

¼” Ribbon or trim 55” long

Wipe case (Huggies Case is what I used)

Fabric and batting pieces


Squeeze glue all over the top of the case


Next lay 1 piece of batting over the top of the case and press


Repeat with back side.  Glue and press last piece of batting over the glue

Now carefully squeeze glue on the back edge of the case

Now lay one of the fabric pieces on top of the case and line the edge of the fabric over the glue and press. Don’t worry about corners right now.  Continue gluing all around case on long sides.

Next glue corners.

Place a little glue on corner

Evenly distribute the fabric down on corners and press


Repeat with other side


Trim any over hanging fabric off of the edges


Next starting on the back of the case squeeze a little glue on the edge of case and then press in the trim. Working in small sections at a time.


Work your way all around one side


When you come to the end cut so that you over lap your ribbon slightly.  Glue down into place.

Repeat with other edge.


Your finished wipe case cover