Bunny Face Pin

27 Mar

Here is an adorable bunny pin that you can make with just a little help from your parents.

Your parents may even have everything at home to make this project!!

Printable directions Bunny Pin


Print Pattern here:  Bunny Pin Pattern

 white and Pink Felt square

Hot Glue (with Parents Help) and Fabric Glue like   Tacky Glue

12 mm or smaller goggly eyes

Pin back or safety pin


¼” wide ribbon 10” long

1.  Print pattern and cut out pieces


2 Cut out pieces as described on pattern


3. Using either tacky glue or glue gun (with Parents Help) Place a small amount of glue on the back of the pink heart

4. Center on the big white heart and press together


5.  Apply a small amount of glue to the lower edge of ear piece


6.  Turn Heart pieces over and glue ear to the heart as shown

7. Repeat with other ear


8. Turn heart to front side and glue on eyes as shown

9. Draw on mouth

 If you would like this to be a girl bunny

10. Take the piece of ribbon and tie into a bow


11. Add to the front of the heart and glue in place

Next, if using a pin back. Have parent glue with a hot glue gun,  flat side of pin back to back of heart.

This is what a pin back looks like

If you don’t have a pin back a safety pin will work as well

Get the last piece of white felt and have a parent use a hot glue gun and glue on the very bottom and top edge

Turn heart to the back and place the stip like this

Press into place

Next slid the pin in between the opening

Here is your finished pin


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  1. carla b March 28, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    Hey love this, its easy but so cute got to do this soon. Thanks

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