Easter Egg Necklace

3 Apr

Here is a great quick project that you can do all by yourself!!

Printable directions  Easter Egg Necklace

Supplies: Cardstock to print eggs on

36” piece of yarn  or smaller to fit you

2 drinking straws

Markers, colored pencils or crayons

Tape if needed.



Print out eggs here:  Eggs   and color


All your eggs colored

Using a hole punch punch a hole in the top of the Easter egg


Cut your 2 straws into 12 pieces.  Each straw into 6 pieces.  About every inch


This is all your supplies ready to go

Starting with a straw thread onto the yarn, then add an egg

This is how it should look.

Continue in this pattern until all the eggs and straws are added

If the end on the yarn begins to fray and it is hard to add the straws

Take a piece of tape and wrap around the end of the yarn


Your finished necklace!!

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