American Girl Doll Sandals Tutorial

10 Apr


Printable version: American Doll Sandals


Sticky back Foam sheet

At least an 8.5 x 5.5 sheet size

Ribbon  6” long, cut in half

Pattern American Girl Doll Shoe Pattern




Cut out pattern and trace on the wrong side of the foam

Pieces cut out

Take left sandal and peel the backing off


Take one of the ribbon pieces and stick the ends of the ribbon onto

The sticky back part of the sandal


This is what the front should look like.

You can test now to make sure the shoe fits your doll

Slide shoe on and adjust the ribbon if necessary


Take the backing off of the other left shoe

and stick to the back of the shoe piece with ribbon attached

Making a sandwich.

Your shoe is complete.  Repeat steps for right shoe.


Doll with shoes

If you like the shirt check out this link to make the shirt!!

Doll Shirt Tutorial


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