Wednesday’s Wonderful Project~~ Greatest Mom Shirt

2 May

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!!  What Mother wouldn’t love a personalized shirt with her little helpers on it?

Grandma would just love one as well.

This really isn’t so much of a project as a tutorial of how to lay out this design.

You can find the World’s Best Mom design on my website at:  Worlds Best Mom

The  World’s Best Grandma is found here:  Worlds Best Grandma

Mom Version

Grandma Version

Here is how you lay out this design

Place large peace of stabilizer on the back of the shirt

I love the hydro stick!!!

Hoop the top of your shirt this is where the world’s Best saying will go

Make sure you rotate your design so that the saying is facing the right direction

Stitch World’s Best Mom

Unhoop and hoop to next area

Move the hand to the position that you want it to be

Stitch Hand.  Repeat with additional hands

Unhoop and move the hoop to the last position

Stitch Hands Down

Finished shirt

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