Mother’s Day Purse Card

8 May

My daughter and I LOVE purses!!!  So I thought it would be cute to make a purse card for Mother’s day.  It really could be for any day but Mother’s day is right around the corner so this is a perfect craft for today!! Super simple and can be decorated any way!!


Cardstock either printed or blank to print the purse template: Purse

Crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint what ever you want to use


if you want to get really fancy gems, sequins or anything else that you think will add some bling

Glue —  if you are using the fancy stuff

Step 1: Print out the template.  If you are using the printed paper and want this to be your outside

make sure you print the template on the wrong side of the paper

Step 2: Cut out the outline of the purse

Flip the purse to the other side

Step 3: If you are using blank paper

Color a design for your purse on the paper

Step 4: Turn your purse to other side and cut out handle  part.

Only cut on the line do not cut all the way off

Step 5: turn purse over and fold bottom half  up to handle part

Fold section under handle down

Step 6: Color the handle and add button on flap

Open the purse and write a message  to your Mom

If you want to add extra bling now is the time.


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