Countdown to SUMMER!!!

15 May

So we are in the last few days before summer!!

 My daughter is excited and keeps

asking how many more days of school?

So we did this project to help her see how many days were left.

Since she is wanting to know how many total days

we included the weekends as well.

That’s right we only have 12 more days until school is out!!


Colored paper


glue stick


Cut out a large circle for the sun

cut out enough chain strips for the number of days you have left

we cut ours 2″x9″

and then some small strips for the rays of the sun

we cut ours 1″ x 4  1/2″

If you want draw a face on the sun

Next using your glue stick glue the sun rays on the back of the sun

Make sure you leave a space at the bottom for your first chain

Sun with it’s rays

Connect your first chain to the back of the sun

Continue adding chains until you have all of your chain strips added

We started using the glue stick and

found that tape held the chains together better.

My daughter with her finished Summer Chain!!

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