How to refill a Swiffer Wetjet cleaner bottle

16 Aug

As I stated yesterday here is the tutorial on how to refill the Swiffer Wetjet Bottle that holds the cleaner.  If you missed my tutorial for the Wetjet replacement pad click here    So easy and I never have to worry about how much cleaner the kids use  anymore!!  In just a few steps you will easily be able to use your own cleaner to fill the bottle.

Lets get started

Here is what you need

Pot of water

Swiffer Bottle

nail clipper

Start by boiling a small pot of water.

Place the cap in the water for about a minute.

Using a towel or potholder you will now be able to twist of the top.

If you can not twist the cap off, place in the boiling water again.

The reason for this is heat softens the plastic and you will be able to twist of the top

Here is the bottle with the lid off

This is the lid.  It has little knobs that “lock” the lid on the bottle

You want to cut this knobs off with the nail clippers so that you can easily take the lid off in the future

Clipping the knobs

Knobs all clipped off

Now fill the bottle with your cleaner and screw lid back on.

You will now be able to take the lid off easily

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2 Responses to “How to refill a Swiffer Wetjet cleaner bottle”

  1. Cheryl Keller September 15, 2013 at 11:25 am #

    BTW, the cap comes off very easily with a pair of pliers. It’s a little less complicated than what you posted.


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